OnePlus is preparing to compete in the tablet market

OnePlus has registered the intellectual property rights for the OnePlus Pad trademark in preparation for competition in the tablet market during the coming period. OnePlus has started competing in the phone market for 8 years now, initially targeting the launch of premium versions, and then tending to focus in recent years on medium versions, and OnePlus has launched to compete in the smart TVs and wireless headphones market, and today it is preparing to start In a new product line known as the "OnePlus Pad".

The new branding of OnePlus has been documented in EUIPO, which aims to develop the first generation of tablets launched by the company titled OnePlus Pad. It is noteworthy that OnePlus is one of the “BBK Electronics Corporation group of companies that includes Oppo and Realme, and it is expected that Realme will initially reach the markets with its first versions of tablets and computers.

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