Oppo patents two wireless charging pads

Oppo has patented two wireless charging bases that simulate Apple's Magsafe technology and Realme's wireless charging technology known as MagDart. Phone manufacturers continue to develop wireless charging technology to support the next generation of smartphones with longer battery life, with faster performance in wireless charging technology.

The latest video leaks of a patent registered by Oppo have confirmed the company's plans to use dedicated wireless charging platforms for the company's devices during the coming period.

The video leaks showed the first features of the design of the new wireless charging pads, but the leaks did not provide accurate details about the design of the charging pads, and expectations indicate that the charging pads support charging multiple devices at the same time.

Oppo’s wireless charging technology simulates what Apple presented in MagSafe Power, which supports 15W charging, so we look forward to more details about Oppo’s upcoming technology in wireless charging platforms.

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