Realme Flash is the first Android phone to support magnetic wireless charging

Realme is preparing to launch Realme Flash, the first Android smartphone to feature the company’s magnetic wireless charging technology, known as “MagDart”.

Previous leaks indicated Realme’s plans to announce the first phones that support magnetic wireless charging technology “MagDart.” Today, “gsmarena” has already revealed the first details about this version that launches with the title Realme Flash, and the site also reviewed photos showing the design of the phone.

Realme’s magnetic wireless charging technology simulates what Apple introduced in MagSafe technology, where the Realme MagDart is installed on the Realme phone from the back to provide power for the phone, but the leaks did not explain the power capacity provided by the wireless charger accurately.

Realme MagDart technology is larger than Apple's technology, and Realme technology also includes an internal fan to support system temperature stability.

Realme has confirmed that the charging speed in the technology exceeds the capacity of 15W, so the Realme MagDart charger will be the fastest magnetic wireless charging system, and Realme MagDart also includes a USB C connector.

The Realme Flash phone features a curved screen that includes a hole for the front camera on the left side of the screen, and it also comes with triple settings for the rear camera, and the phone supports the Snapdragon 888 processor chip.

The phone also features a storage capacity of 128 or 256 GB, an Android 11 operating system, and a Realme UI 2.0 interface, and the company is expected to announce the phone and Realme MagDart soon.

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