Samsung 3-door convertible refrigerator with French doors presented in India

Korean tech giant Samsung boasts a wide range of business segments, making it one of the largest enterprises in the world when viewed as a whole. The company offers its latest high capacity 3 door convertible refrigerators with advanced cooling features to the Indian market.

The 2021 Samsung 3-Door Convertible Refrigerators offer rapid cooling of foods and liquids through refrigeration and freezing technology. The fridges also have a 4-liter water dispenser attached to them that offers chilled water on the go without opening the fridge.

Indian shoppers can now access Samsung's newest 2021 French Door 3-door refrigerator range. They offer dual cooling technology together with Power Cool and Freeze technologies for a strong cooling effect. The refrigerator also offers versatility as it can also serve as a water dispenser.

Samsung's 2021 three-door refrigerators are convertible, giving users more freedom to use refrigerators. If necessary, the freezer can be converted into a refrigerator so that food can be stored above the freezing level if necessary.

The dual cooling plus technology optimizes the performance of the refrigerator and minimizes temperature fluctuations as it has two separate evaporators for the refrigerator and freezer. This, in turn, maintains a higher moisture content to preserve food. The refrigerators also have more space inside, including 21.7-liter refrigerators, larger bins, a spacious freezer with two shelves, and a mobile ice maker.

Samsung India hopes that its latest 3-door convertible refrigerators will satisfy the aspirations of Indian customers to complement their modern kitchens and strengthen the company's market position. Two models are available for purchase at Samsung India and at retail locations in the subcontinent. The 579L models are priced at Rs. 95,990 (~ $ 1,285) and 580L models cost Rs. 89,990 (~ $ 1205).


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