Samsung unveils its own smart watch system

Samsung's smartwatch operating system will be called One UI Watch, and this system will be based on WearOS from Google. And since it's based on Wear OS, One UI Watch will integrate more deeply with Android than Tizen OS. Therefore, any application that will be installed for use on the phone will be downloaded a copy of it on the smartwatch, and therefore the same application can be used on the watch or phone in an integrated manner.

There will be a sync between the watch and the phone, so if you change the time in the watch app or block a number on a phone, those settings will go to your watch.

The system will support a list of popular apps like Strava, Adidas Running, Calm, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Maps on the Galaxy Watch.

And speaking of the Galaxy Watch, Samsung says that the upcoming Galaxy Watch will enjoy longer battery life, faster performance, and a variety of apps mentioned above, thanks to Google's WearOS operating system.

Samsung will officially unveil its first Galaxy Watch with One UI Watch later this summer.

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