SilverStone EX500-B, new economical SFX power supply

SilverStone is launching a new power supply that seems to be geared towards the entry-level range. The source is the SilverStone EX500-B, which is 80 Plus Bronze certified. The SilverStone EX500-B is a new power supply that is presented as a new alternative for that low-end equipment that need an SFX source for compact equipment. The source uses an 80 Plus Bronze certification, for an efficiency of 88%.

The manufacturer names the source as Extreme 50 Bronze, although the specifications indicate otherwise. It is not so 'extreme' and the maximum power it delivers is 500W. These specifications should be reflected in a not too high price, although SilverStone does not confirm this in the announcement.

The SilverStone power supply has dimensions of 125 x 63.5 x 100 mm and weighs 1.02 kilograms. The built-in 92mm fan rotates at a constant speed of 900 RPM up to 70% load and 1700 RPM running the source at 100% load. Unfortunately, this source does not have its 'Zero RPM' mode for 100% silent equipment, but a 900 RPM fan should not be very audible inside a PC case.

The EX500-B has the following connectors

  •  ATX 20 + 4 x 1
  •  EPS 4 + 4 x 2
  •  PCI-E 6 + 2 x 2
  •  SATA x 3
  •  Molex x 3

The protections are the following: OCP, OPP, OVP, OTP and SCP. You can see more information on the official product page.

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