Thermalright Releases Low Profile AXP90-X36 Black CPU Cooler

Thermalright has presented the low-profile cooler for CPUs AXP90-X36 Black, which promises to be a very interesting option for those teams with compact dimensions.

The AXP90-X53 Black cooler is designed with a height of just 36mm with a very thin aluminum heatsink and a 90mm fan. Clearly, this cooler is intended for compact computers and processors with a low default TDP.

This model is derived from the old AXP90-X53 Black, which is about 53mm tall. Thermaltake has done a lot of engineering work to lower the height even further with this cooler.

The new AXP90-X36 Black uses the TL-9015B fan, which is the same as the AXP90-X53. The heatsink has four nickel-plated copper tubes each 6mm thick that make direct contact with the CPU. This fan spins at speeds up to 2700 RPM to push an airflow of 42.58 CFM with noise levels of 22.4 dBA . The fan is not the most powerful we have seen, but for a low and mid-range processor, not much more is required.

The AXP90-X36 Black refrigerator has overall dimensions of 95mm x 94.5mm x 36mm and weighs only 230 grams, that is, it weighs slightly more than a mobile phone. The supported sockets are LGA1200, LGA115x from Intel, and AM4 from AMD. At the moment, we do not know the price that it will have. We will keep you informed.

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