Vivo patent for a smartphone featuring a drone-like flying camera

Fierce competition in the smartphone market around the world, which prompts manufacturers to search for new and unconventional designs to ensure that they attract the largest number of users. Recently, technical reports stated that the company "BKK" owned by the Chinese "Vivo" group, has developed a patent for a smartphone that includes a drone-like camera, which will allow users to take pictures from unprecedented angles.

This flying camera can separate from the smartphone and fly through the air with each strain for filming. When the plane is in the air, the user of the device will be able to look at the screen and take the pictures they want. The source stated that this innovation will allow smartphone users to have a more creative experience in photography.

The company filed the patent with the International Office of Intellectual Property Rights, and that was last December. The patent explained how the company could provide the phone with a flying camera, and make it work as a drone. This camera will be equipped with batteries, two imaging sensors, three infrared sensors, as well as four fans.

In the meantime, a small box will be allocated to store this flying camera attached to the phone. This smartphone will have camera lenses on the front and back, like the rest of the devices, but its biggest advantage lies in the flying lens similar to the drone.

And this flying camera can fly thanks to the small propellers that were provided with it, while it relies on sensors in order to avoid collision with the things that are in front of it.

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