ZTE is preparing to unveil the ZTE Buds and LiveBuds Pro headphones on July 27

ZTE Corporation published a teaser today in which it confirmed its plans to announce the new versions of the ZTE Buds and LiveBuds Pro wireless headphones at an event to be held on July 27. The upcoming ZTE event will be launched on July 27 to unveil the company's new version of the Axon 30 5G under-screen camera technology, and ZTE will also present two new wireless headphones during the event.

The new versions of the ZTE Buds and LiveBuds Pro headphones come after the company released LiveBuds last year, as well as the LiveBuds SE headset that was presented last April. ZTE has confirmed in its teaser published on Weibo that the LiveBuds Pro headset includes 6 microphones, which are divided into 3 microphones on each side of the speakers, provided that the microphones support the noise cancellation feature, and the headset also comes in a small size.

On the other hand, the ZTE Buds headset comes with longer battery life, and the teaser also shows the design of the headphones through official images that appear in the teaser, where the headphones come in white, with a difference in the design language.

The ZTE Buds headset features an open design with a longer leg, and the charging case comes with a longer and less spacious design, while the LiveBuds Pro headset comes in a closed design with silicone headphone heads, and the speaker supports the passive noise cancellation feature, and the headphones and charging case come with LED lighting.

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