ZTE reveals the first images of the Axon 30 5G phone with the camera technology at the bottom of the screen

ZTE is preparing to launch the Axon 30 5G phone, which comes with the second generation of camera technology at the bottom of the screen. ZTE published a new teaser, in which it officially confirmed the company's plans to launch the second generation of under-screen camera technology in the upcoming Axon 30 5G phone. The company also reviewed the phone's design through an official image revealed in the teaser.

ZTE had started testing the performance of the second gen

eration of the bottom-screen camera technology in February, during which time the company presented a live demonstration of a model of its smartphones that revealed the efficiency of the performance of the new upgrade for this technology.

Some leaks have indicated that ZTE will hold its next conference on July 22 to unveil the ZTE Axon 30 5G phone. On the other hand, previous reports indicated that ZTE cooperated with Visionox to support the new camera with a new pixel arrangement that ensures higher quality and clarity in images, which it offers in the upcoming Axon 30 5G phone.

It is also scheduled, according to ZTE statements, that the new technology will double the pixel density from 200 pixels per inch to 400 pixels per inch, and the new screen supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The phone is expected to come with a Snapdragon 888 processor chip, with quad settings for the rear camera, so we look forward to more details in the official announcement expected later this month.

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