A constant decline in prices for Xiaomi smartphones in Russia is expected

At the moment, every fifth Xiaomi smartphone is imported unofficially, this is a record for the volume of "gray" shipments among smartphone manufacturers. Direct deliveries will help the company fight the gray market. However, Xiaomi already has some progress - last year the share of "gray" shipments was 30% against 20% this year.  

According to experts, due to direct contacts with retailers, Xiaomi will be able to afford to reduce the retail price of officially imported smartphones by 10-15%, making it close to the prices in the gray market. We are not talking about a temporary discount, but about a permanent reduction in prices. 

The Chinese manufacturer has three main official distributors - diHouse, Marvel Distribution, and DNS. Their share is almost 90% of the total supply of Xiaomi. At the same time, Xiaomi began to directly supply smartphones through the Russian subsidiary of Xiaomi LLC. The press service of Xiaomi told reporters:

We will make every effort to deliver even more devices to Russia within a year. "

 Note that according to the analytical company Canalys, Xiaomi has ranked first in sales of smartphones in Russia for the second quarter in a row, overtaking and continuing to squeeze further Korean Samsung. 

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