Advanced AI translator for Xiaomi smartphones presented

According to sources, the new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mix 4 has received a feature called Xiaomi Translation, which allows you to add subtitles in real-time using artificial intelligence. This feature is similar to Google Live Caption in Android.

According to Xiaomi engineers, the new version of Xiaomi Translation is based on the company's own simultaneous translation technology and is considered the most advanced artificial intelligence technology. The new Xiaomi Translation feature will help users quickly translate content anytime, anywhere. Users can activate the translation tool by pulling it down on the control center.

Xiaomi Translation can be used to translate live video, online conferences, or voice calls. Xiaomi claims that the translation is stable, accurate, and fast. Plus, it is compatible with many English accents.

Xiaomi states that Xiaomi Translation will continuously improve the translation engine. In addition, Xiaomi Translation will receive support for more minor languages.

This translation feature will be launched in MIUI 12.5 Stable Update starting in September for a variety of Xiaomi smartphones.

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