AMD data on performance gains in Intel Arrow Lake processors appeared

New details about Intel processors for the near future have appeared on the web. In this case, the source is talking about the era of Royal Core, which will include CPUs Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and Nova Lake. We learned the first data about them at the beginning of the month. 

The large Lion Cove cores that will power the Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake processors will receive a 30% increase in IPC (instructions per clock) relative to the Golden Cove cores, which will be the basis for the upcoming Alder Lake.  

Also, the source does not indicate the generation but says that by 2026 Intel processors will switch to SMT4, that is, a new version of Hyper-Threading with support for four threads per core. In addition, the same CPUs will have cores to accelerate machine learning. Perhaps this will be implemented just on the Nova Lake processors, since, according to previous data, they will be the largest update since the first Core CPUs. 

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