Apple is working hard to release iPhone 13 next month

According to the latest reports from various sources, Apple is working hard to release the iPhone 13 series smartphones next month, in fact, a few days after the announcement.

Apple's press conference is expected to take place in the first half of September. The star of the presentation will be the iPhone 13 smartphones, which should receive improved screens with an adaptive image refresh rate, a reduced cutout in the screen, improved cameras with new modes ( ProRes and video with background blur ).

To improve the battery life of the iPhone 13, Apple has made software optimizations as well as hardware changes. Smartphones will support 5G millimeter-wave networks in more countries. Thanks to a more compact internal design, the company was able to increase the battery capacity. The new iPhone 13 is also expected to support 25W fast charging technology.

All sources agree that in terms of price, the iPhone 13 series will correspond to last year's iPhone 12 line. Of course, if models with 1 TB of flash memory appear in the line, then the price will also increase.

Currently, Foxconn, Pegatron, and other businesses continue to hire employees to manufacture the iPhone 13, which are receiving very decent bonuses.

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