Apple makes it impossible to repair the phone outside its centers

Apple and other technology companies do not want their users to repair their devices with the help of third parties. And in the event that they have the ability, these companies will make the process of repairing the phone quickly and at a low price not possible.

Smartphones and other technical devices are designed to make disassembling and repairing extremely difficult. This may involve soldering the processor and internal memory to the motherboard to make it difficult to disassemble. Or stick the components together in a way that prevents them from being loosened with non-specialized tools.

A series of reports and communications from the Right to Repair movement in Australia have called for manufacturers to provide a fair market for smart device repair services. The movement also calls for modifying the designs of modern devices in a way that allows them to be easily repaired.

Apple and others make it difficult to repair tech products

The “Right to Repair” movement is a movement that calls for the right of the user to be able to repair his equipment easily and at a low price. The right includes the possibility of choosing the appropriate party to carry out the repair. And not to be forced to deal with a specific party.

This does not seem to suit Apple. Whereas, the company did not submit to these demands as it formally objected to them in the United States of America through pressure groups.

Anyone can understand why the company would object to the Right to Repair initiative in particular and to the idea of ​​externally repairing equipment in general. The reason is that technical equipment repair services are very profitable for companies. As the cost of repairing the product in the company's service centers may be equal to the cost paid in an external center.

In its own defense, Apple said that third-party repair centers may provide low-quality service. It may present weak internal components. Apple relied on the excuse affecting users. It is the risk of replacing parts outside the Apple centers on the security and safety of the device.

Apple also continues to display notifications to the user who changes their battery outside of Apple Centers. Apple described this annoying notice as related to security and safety, and nothing more.

Impact on the user

Apple has not retracted in any way from its actions. As the iPhone 12 phones came with additional difficulty in disassembling and repairing for external maintenance centers.

Despite this, Apple raised the cost of iPhone 12 repair services by 40% compared to iPhone 11. This means that the company has increased the difficulty of repair, and increased the cost of repair at the same time.

In the United States, for example, Apple sells a screen change service for $359. And $109 to change the battery. It is undoubtedly an exorbitant amount.

On the other hand, the American giant increased the difficulty of repair. It is that changing some internal components, such as the camera, will need approval and confirmation by a dedicated program. This program is only available within the company's repair centers.

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