Asus laptop on an eight-core Alder Lake processor shines in the benchmark

Three new entries have appeared in the UserBenchmark database, all associated with the Asus VivoBook X1603ZA laptop. This is a completely new model with a 16-inch display and most importantly, built on the new Alder Lake platform. The CPU labeling is not reported, but it has 8 cores (4 high performance, 4 energy efficient) and 12 threads. Noteworthy is the very low frequency - only 1.0-2.6 GHz. Obviously, the laptop uses an engineering sample that will still be improved, and the frequency of which will increase. But even at such a low frequency, the CPU managed to outperform the Core i7-1185G7 (3.0-4.8 GHz)!

The performance of the mobile CPU Alder Lake has rated at 153 points in a single-threaded test and 739 points in a multi-threaded one. In a single-threaded test, the Core i7-1185G7 is slightly faster (159 points), but in a multi-threaded test it is very inferior (it has only 582 points). Once the Alder Lake mobile platform is fully optimized, performance will be further enhanced. Whether we are talking about the defeat of Tiger Lake processors is still a question, but the result of the Alder Lake engineering sample is definitely impressive.

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