Automotive Chip Supply Will Soon Equalize Demand

As you know, in many industries there is a shortage of semiconductor products. Automakers were among the first to encounter it. The shortage of microcircuits was manifested so clearly that many manufacturers had to suspend the production of machines. Since large semiconductor industries are concentrated in Taiwan, the governments of the United States and other countries with a developed automotive industry even asked local leaders to pay more attention to the problem and eliminate the shortage.

The tight supply situation has persisted for several quarters, but it looks like the imbalance between supply and demand will soon be over. Anyway, according to the source, last Saturday the government of Taiwan confirmed its commitment to contribute to solving the shortage problem and assured that the supply will balance the demand in the global market for chips for automotive electronics by the fourth quarter of this year.

The Ministry of Economy noted that Taiwanese companies are expanding production of semiconductor products, and the government will continue "to work to build a safe, reliable and sustainable supply chain, as well as deepen economic and trade relations to lay a solid foundation for economic recovery after the pandemic."

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