Boston Dynamics showed the Atlas robot, which does parkour and does back flips

Boston Dynamics, which recently moved under the wing of Hyundai, published a video in which humanoid Atlas robots dashingly overcome the site with various obstacles no worse than parkour masters. And at the end, a couple of spectacular backflips.

It took months of work and training for Atlas to successfully complete the obstacle course, according to company representatives. But now robots adapt their behavior and, accordingly, movements depending on the objects in the field of view. That is, they do not need to be programmed for a particular trick or jump.

True, this video is only an illusion of how coordinated the movements of robots can be: in fact, the probability of errors is still very high. The company will still improve the movements of robots, taking into account the peculiarities of their structure which, for example, include the absence of a spine and weak joints of the hands.

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