Domestic OS "Aurora" can be tested by everyone and get a smartphone based on it

The Open Mobile Platform company announced the beginning of public testing of the domestic mobile operating system Aurora. 

From now on, not only companies and corporations but also ordinary users will be able to test the Aurora. The beta testing program is open to a “wide range of end-users” - anyone can apply, but the number of participants is limited.

Each beta testing program participant will be given temporary use of a mobile device with a new version of the Aurora OS, with a pre-installed set of standard applications and the ability to install applications from the Aurora Market store.

Now residents of Moscow can take part in the program. The number of devices is limited. The program involves a number of mobile devices based on the Aurora platform, which will be expanded in the future. At the first stage, users will be provided with an Inoi R7 smartphone ( review ) with the Aurora installed, a 2017 model offered for 12,990 rubles. 

The Open Mobile Platform noted:

The Russian OS Aurora has already become a trusted platform for the mobile infrastructure of large companies and organizations such as Russian Railways, Inter RAO, Rostelecom, as well as the basis of large projects - 40 thousand are already working in the Agricultural Microcensus, and 360,000 mobile devices will be used in the All-Russian Population Census. platform Aurora ".

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