Exclusive Mi Mix 4 goes on sale in China

Xiaomi introduced the flagship Mi Mix 4 quite recently, but the smartphone can already be ordered in China. Moreover, a limited edition of Mi Mix 4 has gone on sale - there are only 500 of such kits, as shown in the picture below.

Moreover, you won't be able to just take and buy such a product - it is raffled off on the largest trading platform JD.com using the lottery method. Applications for the exclusive Mi Mix 4 are accepted until August 19, the lucky ones who will eventually be able to purchase a smartphone will be announced on the evening of August 19. The set of this Mi Mix 4, in addition to a smartphone and a standard set of accessories, includes a set for aromatherapy and a novel by the Chinese science fiction writer Liu Qixin "The Problem of Three Bodies" autographed by the author. The book has already become a world bestseller. 

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