First game with AMD FSR support on Xbox Series

We officially heard that Xbox Series consoles support AMD FSR technology more than a month ago. Now the first game has become known, which on these consoles will support this technology. It's about a remake of the cult quest Myst. The game will be released on Xbox Series S and Series X on August 26, and it will immediately go to Game Pass.  

Interestingly, while Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR are criticized by many for the deterioration of the picture detail, Microsoft is showing screenshots that indicate that the situation in Myst will be exactly the opposite: activating FSR will make the picture more detailed and clear.  

Additionally, thanks to FSR, Xbox Series X will run the game in 4K (after upscale) at 60fps, and on Series S at 1440p at 60fps.  

Recall that AMD FSR is a cross-platform open-source technology, which is why it will also appear on the consoles of Microsoft and Sony. For comparison, Nvidia DLSS cannot boast of such platform mastering capabilities.

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