Flagship Intel Core i9-12900K processor lit up in the benchmark

Intel is gearing up for the premiere of Alder Lake processors - 12th Gen Intel Core. The Core i9-12900K will lead the new line, and he just appeared in the BaseMark database. Interestingly, the motherboard is listed as Acer Z69H6-AM. That is, in fact, a certain Acer computer was tested based on a motherboard with a top Intel Z690 chipset: Intel partners are already testing ready-made computers based on Alder Lake, and this, in turn, indicates a fairly early announcement of a new platform.

BaseMark clearly inaccurately determined the number of processor cores - 12 is indicated, but in reality it should be 16: 8 high-performance and 8 energy-efficient. Only the first ones will support multithreading, so there will be 24 threads. Apparently, the benchmark indicated exactly half of the possible threads. And this is not surprising, since there is no official software support for Alder Lake in any application yet. And in view of this, numerous inaccuracies in determining the components of the CPU and the architecture as a whole are possible. 

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