Future Ryzen Desktop Processors Will Really Get Onboard GPU

 Data stolen from Gigabyte continues to reveal details about upcoming AMD and Intel products. This time, the information is interesting not only in itself but also because it confirms early rumors, in which not everyone believed. 

So, the upcoming generation of Ryzen processors based on the Zen 4 architecture will have an integrated graphics core. It's about desktop processors from the main Raphael line. Whether it will be a Ryzen 6000 or Ryzen 7000 line is not yet clear, but this is not so important.  

Of course, as in the case of Intel, some AMD processors can enter the market with a disabled GPU, and this is mentioned in the documents, but most solutions will have an active integrated graphics core. 

There is no data on the characteristics of the GPU in such processors, except for early information that it will be Navi2. For now, we can only assume that the main Ryzen lineup will be content with the base GPU, while the more powerful graphics cores will continue to be the prerogative of the Ryzen G line based on mobile APUs.  

The document also contains information that the stipulated GPUs in the upcoming Ryzen processors will support DisplayPort 2.0.  

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