Hgh-end iPhone models will be equipped with an under-screen Face ID fingerprint scanner

Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman says Apple will not release an iPhone with an in-screen fingerprint reader or Touch ID this year. However, he adds that the company is working to add sub-screen Face ID to its smartphones in the future.

Mark Gurman says there are two very different scenarios. In the first, high-end iPhone models will be equipped with an under-screen Face ID fingerprint scanner, while low-cost smartphones will remain with Face ID systems located inside the notch at the top of the display, like modern Apple smartphones. The second scenario: Face ID will remain in the flagship models, while the younger models will receive a sub-screen Touch ID.

Apple's iPhone 13 lineup is expected to have reduced bangs, and screens will support 120Hz refresh rates in Pro versions. The source also confirms that this time the company will offer up to 1 TB of flash memory.

The new phones will be based on the Apple A15 Bionic single-chip system, which is manufactured using a 5-nanometer manufacturing process. They will support the mmWave 5G band outside of the US. It is also reported that thanks to the new layout and the use of smaller components, it was possible to use larger batteries. The new iPhone 13 will support 25W fast charging technology. In addition, all iPhone 13 models will be equipped with a laser rangefinder.

According to rumors, Apple's presentation will take place in the third week of September.

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