Huawei introduced EMUI 12

Huawei today quite unexpectedly announced a new version of its shell for smartphones - EMUI with serial number 12. Rumors that Huawei will still keep EMUI after the release of HarmonyOS have been circulating for a long time, but the persistence with which the company transferred all its smartphones to a proprietary replacement for Android, made one think that EMUI would not live long. Nevertheless, the shell will hold out for more than one year.

Huawei has already revealed the main shell innovations. Judging by the pictures, no fundamental differences in the graphical interface are foreseen. Promised minimalistic and realistic interface with finer adjustments to gradients and more natural effects, stepless font size adjustment, simplified connection to Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth devices from the curtain. Increased security - due to new means of protection. For example, in “multi-screen interaction” (for example, when a smartphone is connected to a laptop), you can unlock the smartphone by entering a password on the laptop. Also, EMUI 12 will allow adding smartwatches to trusted devices, and the user will be able to unlock the smartphone by face only if the watch is paired with the smartphone.

In general, EMUI 12 is not a revolution, but an evolution of the current version of the proprietary shell. It remains only to understand when and for what devices it will be released.

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