Huawei will sell phones from other manufacturers

The source says Huawei will soon begin selling third-party smartphones in its own Chinese retail stores. Already on August 20, the phone, codenamed Monica, will appear in the range of Huawei offline stores.

Information about the prices and characteristics of the device has not been disclosed at the moment. The source writes that the Chinese tech giant has indeed decided to promote other brands in its retail stores, but the company will not sell smartphones from large companies such as Xiaomi and other manufacturers. Instead, Huawei will presumably sell smartphones to network operators and smaller manufacturers.

The smartphone, codenamed Monica, may be manufactured in China and use some of Huawei's technologies, such as software. In any case, it is worth waiting for an official statement on this matter.

In early summer, Huawei officially announced that the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system is open for use by other developers of smartphones and any other technology.

Recall that Huawei has been under the influence of American sanctions for a long time, which made it impossible for the stable release of new smartphones, which is why the company lost ground in a few months and lost its market share to competitors.

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