IBM Telum processor will fight against fraud in real time

 IBM introduced the Telum processor. This is a highly unusual AI-powered security solution. IBM itself speaks of the new solution as a processor to accelerate artificial intelligence. And it's built for deep learning in enterprise workloads to address fraud problems in real-time. Telum replaces the IBM z15 and will be the central processing unit for the next generation of IBM Z and LinuxOne systems. 

As stated in the press release, businesses today routinely use detection methods to detect post-fraud fraud. This process can be time-consuming and computationally intensive due to the limitations of modern technology, especially when analysis and fraud detection is conducted away from critical transactions and data. Telum aims to help customers change their mindset from fraud detection to a fraud prevention position. The new chip features an innovative centralized design that allows customers to harness the full power of the AI ​​processor for AI workloads, making it ideal for financial services workloads such as fraud detection, loan processing, trade clearing and settlement, and anti-money laundering money and risk analysis. 

The processor is manufactured using a 7 nm process technology and contains 22 billion transistors. It contains 8 cores over 5GHz and 32MB L2 cache. There is also a 256MB virtual L3 cache and a 2GB L4 cache. Telum-based systems are slated to launch in the first half of next year.  

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