Intel continues to lose ground to AMD in the processor market

AMD continues to siphon off Intel's processor market share. The latest report from Mercury Research allows us to assess the situation based on the results of the second quarter of this year. 

AMD's combined market share reached 22.5%, the highest for the company in 14 years. A quarter earlier, the share was 20.7%, and a year ago it was equal to 18.3%.  

In more detail, AMD's share of the desktop CPU market even decreased in annual terms from 19.2% to 17.1%, which may be due to the existing processor shortage. In the mobile segment, AMD now occupies 20%, which is only 0.1 pp. more than a year ago, but by 2 pp. more than a quarter earlier. 

The greatest successes with AMD are observed in the server market, where the company has already come close to the coveted 10% mark. Now the company holds 9.5% versus 5.8% a year earlier. Given the pace, it is likely that the 10% barrier will be overcome by the end of the current quarter.  

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