Intel has revealed new details about Alder Lake

Intel has revealed new details about Alder Lake processors, which will be unveiled in the fall. This time we were told about the various features of the architecture and configuration of the CPU. 

So, in the image above, you can see three versions of such processors: desktop LGA 1700, mobile BGA Type3, and mobile ultra-energy-efficient BGA Type4 HDI.  

Intel talked about three interfaces at the heart of the new CPUs: Compute Fabric, I / O Fabric, and Memory Fabric. But at the same time, she did not disclose the details. But now we know for sure that Alder Lake will support the PCIe 5.0 interface, and the number of lines will reach 16, but not in all CPUs. 

The company claims that four small Gracemont cores will provide 80% more performance than a pair of Skylake cores with 80% less power consumption. Do not forget that these cores do not support Hyper-Threading. 

It is also very important that we were finally told about the special task scheduler. It's called Intel Thread Director, and it's the hardware thread scheduler that is really needed given the heterogeneous architecture.

As a result, we have before us really completely new processors, which AMD has no analogues and Intel did not have. More precisely, Intel previously released heterogeneous Lakefield, but there are practically none on the market, and the configurations there are completely different. Massively, Alder Lake will be the first of its kind.  

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