Intel Raptor Lake-S processors details revealed

The Raptor Lake-S processors, which will replace the upcoming Alder Lake-S, will have up to 24 cores. This information has already appeared on the Web several times, and today it was confirmed by another source. 

There will still be a maximum of eight large cores, but they will receive the new Raptor Cove microarchitecture. Small kernels will retain the Gracemont microarchitecture but will double in number. That is, top-end CPUs will include 8 large and 16 small cores. As a result, such a processor will be 24-core and 32-thread, since the Gracemont cores do not support Hyper-Threading. 

At the same time, the source obtained information about the configuration of different lines of the Raptor Lake generation. 

As you can see, only the Core i9 models will get the 8 + 16 configuration. Core i7 processors will always be 16-core, Core i5 will offer 10 or 14 cores, Core i3 will only have four cores, and Pentium CPUs will remain with two cores. As a result, there will be a very impressive performance gap between Core i3 and Core i9. 

The source also says that the top models can have a maximum frequency of 5.5 GHz, and the L2 cache will be increased for all new products. Such CPUs are expected at the end of 2022.  

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