Intel reveals details about future graphics card lines and first GPU structure

So, the new GPUs will be built on the Xe architecture, but of course in its new iteration. The graphics core will include Xe cores (Xe-Cores) grouped into Render Slices blocks. 

Each Xe core is built using 16 vector engines (256 bits) and 16 matrix engines (1024 bits per core). There is one ray tracing module under each Xe core. So DG2 GPUs will have an equal number of Xe-Cores and ray tracing modules. Also, DG2 has a memory structure that is a large L2 cache. 

Intel also confirmed the codenames for the first wave of Arc video cards: Alchemist, Battlemage and Celestial. After them, Druid adapters will be released, which will rely on the next version of the Xe architecture.  

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