Intel took the best from Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR and created XeSS supersampling technology

Intel is really developing supersampling technology for its upcoming gaming graphics cards. The solution is called Intel XeSS. Intel's development seems to be closer to Nvidia DLSS for now, as it also relies on artificial intelligence. At the same time, so far we have not heard anything about the presence of any hardware units in the GPU Xe Arc, similar to the tensor cores in the Nvidia GPU. Probably, they are not there, and the calculations will be performed on ordinary cores. 

Intel showed a short demo where XeSS technology allegedly doubled performance at 4K resolution. At the same time, there was no fps counter. But it was seen how the technology can improve the picture when upscaling from Full HD to 4K.  

The demo ran on a desktop PC with an Arc video card, but there are no details, of course. But Intel said that it will follow in the footsteps of AMD and open access to its development to all developers and competitors. That is, in theory, Intel XeSS technology can be activated on AMD and Nvidia video cards. Initially, the company intends to offer SKD to select game and game engine developers, and when the technology begins to be introduced into projects, Intel will move to open source. The SDK will be available in the coming days, but this concerns the version based on XMX instructions that will be available on GPU Arc. A DP4a instructional version that everyone can use will arrive later this year.

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