iPhone 13: Apple chose a cheaper assembly method

According to The Elec, Apple has changed the manufacturing process for camera modules for the iPhone 13. Until last year, Apple purchased dual and triple-camera modules from its suppliers LG InnoTek, Sharp, and O'Film, which were pre-assembled and then installed in smartphones. Now, the source says South Korean supplier Hyvision System will supply Foxconn with "camera module testing equipment."

This equipment is used to check the alignment of the axes of various camera sensors. This suggests that Apple will no longer receive assembled camera modules, but will buy separate camera sensors and assemble them on Foxconn's production lines. The source adds that this decision was made to save money.

Hyvision will supply its camera and time-of-flight 3D sensor kits to LG InnoTek, as well as alignment kits for Foxconn. The equipment checks if the optical axes of the wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto cameras are correctly aligned.

Apple is said to have ordered enough components from its suppliers to produce 90 million iPhone 13. The source notes that this is 20% more than the parts ordered for the iPhone 12 last year.

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