iPhone 13: New Colors, Reinforced Magsafe Magnets, Beamforming Microphones

A source citing Macrumors has published new information about the iPhone 13 series smartphones, which should be presented in less than a month.

It is reported that the iPhone 13 will receive a deeper matte black and bronze gold color. The graphite color on the iPhone 12 Pro will be replaced with a deeper black, and the surface will become less glossy.

Starting with iPhone 12, the Magsafe ecosystem will continue to evolve and support other accessories. iPhone 12 users complain that Magsafe magnets don't always hold their smartphones securely. More powerful magnets are expected to be used in the iPhone 13.

In addition, Apple does not forget about those who like to photograph the starry sky: especially for the iPhone 13, the astronomical shooting mode has been optimized. The flat stainless steel perimeter bezel will be protected from fingerprints.

In addition, the smartphone will use microphones with beamforming technology, which will allow for better sound transmission for live broadcasts and video recording.

According to the latest rumors, the presentation of the iPhone 13 will take place on September 14th.

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