iPhone 13: smartphones will not be enough for everyone at the time of launch

While Foxconn and Apple are working hard to ramp up the production of the iPhone 13, increase inventory and meet consumer demand around the world, there are still some challenges in the production of new smartphones.

Some of Apple's key component suppliers have been hit hardest by the pandemic, according to the latest information. In particular, we are talking about Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Taiyo Yuden, suppliers of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC), which are key components widely used in various electronic products.

According to reports, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the world's largest supplier of multilayer ceramic capacitors, accounting for 40% of the global supply. One of their factories was closed last week due to the pandemic. There have been 98 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection.

As for Taiyo Yuden, which was also hit by the pandemic in August, the Malaysian government only required 60% of its employees to remain. The local plant can only supply 80% of the production capacity, and delivery times have been hit hard.

Taking into account the current state of the supply, it is expected that the number of iPhone 13 smartphones will be limited at the time of launch.

According to rumors, the iPhone 13 will be announced on September 14th. Yesterday there were unofficial renders of a potential iPhone 13 Pro Max without bangs.

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