iPhone 14 may be missing 3nm SoCs

The source says the iPhone 14, due next year, may not receive the 3nm platform due to manufacturing problems at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). TSMC has already confirmed that the launch of mass production of products using the 3-nanometer manufacturing process (N3) will be delayed by about 3-4 months. This means that the mobile platform Apple A16 Bionic will be manufactured using a 4-nanometer process technology (N4).

Earlier it was reported that Apple not only placed orders for 4nm chips with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company but also reserved most of TSMC's manufacturing capacity for the production of 3nm single-chip systems. Presumably, the production of 3-nanometer chips should begin in the second half of next year.

Samsung is reportedly also facing manufacturing challenges related to the 3nm manufacturing process, and therefore the South Korean company's flagship smartphones, which will be released next year, could also be equipped with 4nm platforms.

As for the iPhone 13, the presentation of the line is expected on September 14 this year , and pre-orders will start on September 17

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