iPhone without bangs was shown live in the TV series "Ted Lasso"

 In the sixth episode of the second season of the series "Ted Lasso" (Ted Lasso), which is coming to Apple TV +, was shown, presumably, the iPhone 13 smartphone, devoid of the usual cutout for the front camera system.

Many characters in the series use Apple smartphones. Judging by the camera design and the flat bezel around the perimeter, it can be assumed that these are smartphones of the iPhone 12 series, however, in two different episodes of the latest series, we are shown the faces of the smartphone. It is clearly seen that the screens are devoid of bangs.

The notch, which first appeared in the iPhone X in 2017, is expected to shrink in size in the iPhone 13. Apple may eventually ditch the bangs by placing Face ID components under the screen along with the front-facing camera. However, such a turnaround was not expected until the release of the iPhone 14.

This is very strange - there are suggestions that the bangs may have been removed in post-processing. Perhaps this is just an Easter egg from the creators of the series, who decided to test fans for attentiveness. All previous iPhone 13 leaks have confirmed that the smartphone will have bangs.

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