Mac Mini based on Apple's latest SoC M1X postponed until 2022

According to the source, the release of the new Mac Mini based on the Apple M1X SoC has been delayed until early 2022 for marketing reasons.

While no exact reason is given, it has been speculated that Apple wants to focus on Apple's new M1X SoC and new MacBook Pros this year. A global chip shortage could also have influenced this decision.

Earlier it was reported that Apple may release a new Mac Mini in the fourth quarter of this year, for example, in October or November, along with new MacBook Pro laptops. Now, the Cupertino giant is expected to release only laptops before the end of the year.

Apple has been working on a successor to the Apple M1 mobile platform since the end of last year, with the official announcement of the SoCs due soon. The Apple M1X mobile platform is to be built using TSMC N5P, an enhanced version of the 5nm process used to manufacture the Apple M1. It is expected that the Apple M1X will receive a 10-core processor with 8 large and 2 energy-efficient cores. While the Apple M1 has a 4 + 4 core configuration, the number of GPU cores (8 in the Apple M1) can be doubled or even quadrupled.

The base Mac Mini with Apple M1X, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD is expected to start at $ 1,300.

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