Market Cap Reaches $ 2.53 Trillion: Apple shares set a historic record

Apple shares set a new record yesterday, hitting $ 153.49. As a result, trading closed at $ 153.12 with an increase of $ 4.52, or 3.04%.

With the latest rise in share prices, Apple's market cap has reached $ 2.53 trillion. Apple is expected to be the first company to reach $ 3 trillion in capitalizations soon. Apple first reached a $ 1 trillion market cap in August 2018. Two years later, Apple's valuation reached $ 2 trillion.

Apple also had an indirect impact on the huge 64% rise in Globalstar shares on Monday. The satellite company's shares skyrocketed after analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the iPhone 13 smartphones would support satellite connectivity by connecting to satellites in low Earth orbit. In his forecast, the analyst mentioned exactly Globalstar.

However, the head of Errata Security, Robert Graham, has already denied information that in the absence of stable LTE and 5G coverage, the iPhone 13 will be able to switch to data transmission via satellite systems.

Apple shares are up 18.33% in 2021, although the company lags behind rivals such as Google (up 68.34% in 2021) and Microsoft (39.46%). However, Samsung shares, for example, fell 9.52% this year.

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