NBMiner partially bypasses mining protection in GeForce RTX 30 LHR video cards

Well, invincible, according to Nvidia's assurances, protection from mining has fallen. Not completely yet, but still. The NBMiner mining application, after the update, is able to unlock about 70% of the original performance of GeForce RTX 30 LHR video cards. Recall that such cards have a built-in protection mechanism that halves the performance of Ethereum mining (and other cryptocurrencies based on the ethash algorithm).  

NBMiner does not completely remove protection, but somehow it allows you to increase the performance of video cards from 50% of the original value to 68%. More precisely, 68% is the maximum value recommended by the application creators with stable results. It can be adjusted, but an increase in the indicator increases the risks of protection activation. Simply put, someone will be lucky and he will be able to take away more than 68% of the original performance from the protection system. 

Of course, 68% is far from 100%, and it's too early to talk about the complete victory of miners over Nvidia in this battle, but it's still much better than only half.  

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