New AMD Epyc server processors: 96 cores, 12-channel RAM controller and 320W TDP

According to rumors and data, next-gen AMD Ryzen processors are unlikely to get more than 16 cores. But the server Epyc will almost certainly become better than the current models in this regard. 

The new data is allegedly taken from the same leak from Gigabyte. According to them, the Genoa generation Epyc CPUs will have up to 96 cores. This is consistent with earlier rumors. 

Older processors will consist of 13 crystals. These are 12 CCD chiplets and one I / O chip. Each chiplet will contain 8 cores, that is, there will be a total of 96. Rumors about a 12-channel RAM controller are also confirmed.  

TDP for older models will be 320 W, and the maximum value will be 400 W. The peak threshold, which can only be reached for 1 ms, is 700 watts. The latter value may seem incredibly huge, but it should be understood that these are limits that often remain unknown for most processors or simply do not write about it. Even for conventional consumer CPUs, these figures can be twice or more the declared TDP.

Recall that Epyc Genoa processors should be released next year. They will migrate to Zen 4 architecture and 5nm process technology. Considering the 50% increased number of cores, the performance gain is hard to imagine.  

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