No one can help Huawei to start production of SoC Kirin

According to Guo Ping, the successive chairman of Huawei, the company can continue to design single-chip systems, but so far no one can help it with production. He added the following: “Huawei is stuck. We and our partners in the industry chain are still trying to solve key problems. 

However, the company is not discouraged and believes that the problem with US sanctions will eventually be resolved. The Chinese manufacturer continues to work with partners to establish a continuous supply of parts, resume production and become competitive again.

At this stage, the mobile phone market has given us the biggest problems. Everyone knows that smartphones need modern single-chip systems that are small and energy-efficient. - Guo Ping

However, Guo Ping expressed confidence in the Huawei mobile phone business, stating, "Our consumer business will survive and we will not abandon the smartphone division." According to him, there are three main industries in the world today: the first is real estate, the second is cars, and the third is mobile phones.

This is not the first time the company has made such optimistic statements, but so far Huawei continues to lose its share of the global smartphone market.

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