Nothing Ear 1 sold out in 2 minutes

The first fully wireless earbuds from Nothing, founded by Carl Pei after leaving OnePlus, kicked off today. The device, called Nothing Ear 1, was sold out in 2 minutes, while the starting batch was tiny: only 4.8 thousand pieces.

Karl Pei thanked the fan community for their support and added that the company is working around the clock to produce more headphones and get them to customers as quickly as possible.

The highlight of the device is the transparent design, which allows you to see the insides of the headphones. This really sets Nothing Ear 1 apart from the competition. Each earphone weighs 4.7 grams and is equipped with 11.6mm drivers manufactured by Teenage Engineering.

The device complies with the IPX4 degree of protection, which means that the headphones are not afraid of rain and sweat. There is also active noise cancellation, transparency mode and the ability to change equalizer settings through the companion app. The headphones can pause playback automatically when removed from your ear. The battery life is almost 6 hours without recharging, and with the charging case it rises to 34 hours.

In India, the device is available for $ 80.

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