Nvidia-Arm deal raises 'serious competition concerns'

Nvidia's $ 40 billion acquisition of Arm raises serious competition concerns. This is the opinion of the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which published a report prepared for the Minister of Digital Technology, Culture, Media and Sports of the United Kingdom.

The document says the acquisition will hurt innovation. The regulator highlighted several aspects of the negative impact of the deal on the industry, emphasizing that Nvidia's control over Arm could create real problems for Nvidia's competitors by limiting their access to key technologies. As a result, competition and consumer interests will suffer.

Recall that now the Arm company, which is headquartered in the UK, belongs to the Japanese companies SoftBank Group Corp. (SBG) and SoftBank Vision. The deal, under which Nvidia intends to buy Arm for $ 40 billion, was announced last September.

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