Operator's documents in Thailand confirm Xiaomi's abandonment of the Mi brand

As it became known day before yesterday, Xiaomi has started to get rid of its famous Mi brand , which has been used since the release of the first Xiaomi smartphone in 2011. 

The first Xiaomi smartphone without the Mi brand was the innovative Xiaomi Mix 4. However, it was only released in China, and there is no reasonable hope for an international release in the near future. 

Now the thematic resource XDA Developers reported that the already expected 11T model, more precisely, a series of two models - 11T and 11T Pro, may become the first international Xiaomi smartphone without the Mi brand. 

The documentation from the telecom regulator of Thailand NBTC confirms that the designation Mi has disappeared from the names of smartphones - the Pro model, for example, is registered as Xiaomi 11T Pro, and not Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro. 

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