Pixel 5a 5G just started selling and already dismantled

Google unveiled its new Pixel 5a smartphone last week and began open sales in Japan and the US today. In the meantime, enthusiasts have already disassembled this interesting model. 

Channel PBKreviews, which is gradually gaining popularity on YouTube thanks to the timely "disassembly" of new products, published a video demonstrating how difficult the process of repairing Pixel 5a will be. If the user wants to independently repair or replace some components, then he will have to try, especially if he had no experience in repairing phones before. 

The perimeter of the smartphone is covered with an adhesive that will have to be warmed up to remove the screen, and then apply a new layer to put the screen back in place. Removing the display, the user gains access to an impressive 4680 mAh battery, which is covered with a black graphene film.

Some parts of the Pixel 5a 5G must be cleaned with rubbing alcohol before removing. Battery pull tabs break easily. Overall, PBKreviews gave an estimate of 5 out of possible 10 maintainability. Additional drawbacks indicate that some parts of the Pixel 5a 5G were covered with film, as well as a complex screw configuration, and you need to remember where which screw was used, since they are of different lengths.

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