PNY XLR8 Gaming DDR5-4800 memory modules presented

PNY has announced the addition of a line of PC RAM. It is geared towards PC enthusiasts and gamers. These are XLR8 Gaming DDR5-4800 memory modules.

The manufacturer reminds us that DDR5 memory is designed for the new generation of motherboards and processors. It outperforms DDR4 memory in terms of maximum module size and maximum frequency specified in the standard. If we talk about DDR4, the maximum effective frequency defined by the JEDEC standard is 3200 MHz, while DDR5 frequencies start at 4800 MHz. As mentioned above, it is at this frequency that the first PNY Performance modules will work. As for the volume, it will be 16 GB. The supply voltage of the DDR5 modules is 1.1 V.

This quarter PNY XLR8 Gaming DDR5-4800 desktop memory will be available to motherboard manufacturers who can test it for compatibility. PNY expects to begin mass production of modules in the fourth quarter. Then they will become available to a wide range of buyers.

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