Realme has closed the popular smartphone lineup

Realme has decided to close the popular line of smartphones. This was told by Madhav Sheth, CEO of the European and Indian divisions of Realme, in an interview with reporters. 

Back in January, the company and Madhav Shet declared, " X is the future ." It has now become known that the Realme X series is closed. Madhav Sheth has confirmed that the Realme GT series is officially replacing the previous Realme X series:

X will be replaced by GT; so GT is the new X. " 

The top manager noted that the changes will affect only the X line. Thus, the Realme C series smartphones and other series will remain. The latest additions to the Realme X series are last year's X3 SuperZoom and X50 Pro. 

The other day in Russia, Realme GT began to be officially sold at a price of 49,999 rubles.

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