Redmi Note 10: Disappeared from the market in Indonesia

The chip shortage has hit the auto industry hard, but not only: smartphone makers also suffer from component shortages. As a result, very popular models are starting to disappear from sale. Redmi Note 10 is definitely one of those. Just a few days ago, it disappeared from the shelves of virtual stores in Indonesia, and today it can no longer be bought in the Xiaomi branded online store in China.

Users in China asked a logical question to the head of Xiaomi Group China, Lu Weibing - where did the Redmi Note 10 go? The answer turned out to be short and comprehensive: "chip shortage". What kind of chips the top manager had in mind is a question, but most likely we are talking about single-chip systems. Redmi Note 10 is not based on the most popular and widespread Qualcomm Snapdragon 678, but this does not mean that it cannot be a hard-to-find product. Also, the scarce chips in the industry include display drivers and power controllers. It is interesting that, according to the same Liu Weibing, the deficit of components will not be eliminated until the end of the year, and the most difficult situation with the supply of components will be in the current third quarter.

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