Russia: The authorities are asking to speed up the adaptation of Russian software for the processors

The Ministry of Industry and Trade asks Russian software developers to speed up the adaptation of their products to Russian processors Elbrus and Baikal. Oleg Bocharov, deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, sent a letter with a request to Russian software developers at the end of July.

The letter says that for the basic set of software in each class of products either there are already compatible solutions, or they are being developed. However, there are a number of programs that have not yet been adapted to Russian processors, including IFCPlugin, 1C, "Consultant +", "Compass 3D", "R7-Office", Arenadata.

The authorities expect that by 2023 at least 70% of the equipment purchased by the state will be on Russian processors, adding that work on adapting Russian software for Russian processors needs to be accelerated.

So far, state-owned companies are not required to use computers with Russian processors, but from 2022 they will have to purchase PCs and servers equipped with Russian processors. Alexey Smirnov, general director of Basalt-SPO, said that the adaptation could take several years, and also questioned the economic feasibility.

Software designed to run under Intel will not be able to send correct commands to the Elbrus or Baikal processor. To adapt, you need to rebuild the programs, and this work in some cases can take up to several years. If Baikal really releases 600 thousand processors in 2025, how many of them will end up in computers that will work with ERP from 1C? Most likely, no more than 10 thousand, so it will be simply unprofitable to rebuild the software and maintain technical support. - Alexey Smirnov

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